The Mansion in Marin

Today featured the first day of patents class (it’s on the quarter system). The reading was interesting and it sounds like it will continue to be so. This afternoon I ran the dish as part of 46+ minute run, with 21:30 gate to gate, and then worked the abs and biceps a little at Arrillaga. Tomorrow I’ve got an interview with IP firm from the Bay Area. This could be my last on-campus interview depending on the amount of callbacks I get in the next 40 hours.

Here are a couple pictures of the Ralston White Mansion from the awesome retreat last weekend. I’ll post some photos from Mount Tamalpais tomorrow…

Heart Lawn

Above: Heart shaped lawn; the mansion was a present for Mr. Ralston’s wife.

More evidence that humans are pushing the earth’s climate to a precarious threshold can be found in an article on “Global warming nears ‘dangerous’ level.” Researchers and scientists from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies say that average temperatures are close to a million-year high and the drastic change in climate is causing, among many other things, stress on wildlife that can no longer cope with the warming temperatures and must migrate north. The problem is the wildlife cannot migrate fast enough to keep up with changes temperatures! It saddens me to read study after study pointing to the increasing severity of our global warming.


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