Glacier Recession in Alaska

Glacier Recession

William O. Field / American Geographical Society-World Data Center for Glaciology (left); Bruce Molnia / USGS

The photo above from an interesting article on MSNBC, “Experts get shrinking feeling about Alaska glaciers,” shows the Muir Glacier in Alaska as it was in 1941 (left) and in 2004 (right), by which time it had receded significantly and lost 2,100 feet in elevation. It very sad to sad to read about more evidence of the effects of global warming on the glaciers.

I tiring week has concluded, but not before some “unusual” Friday business (I’m usually lazy on Fridays). Between an interview in the morning, a 3 hour make-up session for a class in the afternoon, a graduate student activity fair, I was quite busy. In addition, I just got back from a very nice Rosh Hashanah dinner at the Graduate Community Center.

L’Shana Tova!


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