Undergrads arriving!

8 am. The screaming, yelling, and annoyingness begins. The freshman class of undergrads is arriving and that means I get woken up early. It was pretty bad. I thought it would end, but it didn’t so I begrudgingly got up and made breakfast. I couldn’t even concentrate on any reading so I was forced to go to the law library and read, something I try to avoid!! Anyway, I’m glad that’s over.

I had a good day of class today and a really fun interview in the evening. Tomorrow I’ve got two interviews lined up; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

I also picked up a sleek new keyboard for the room. I had a real pain trying to get an old PS/2 Keyboard functioning with my new laptop, which does not have a PS/2 port, and I finally caved in. However, I definitely like this new keyboard right now so maybe it was a good switch.

Finally, this evening I did a run including the dish. I felt slightly tired due to the increased running of late, but got into a rhythm on the hills. There was also a headwind much of the way that was playing with me. I didn’t feel super duper on the rest of the run, but good enough to cruise comfortably at a decent pace. The run was 46 minutes with the dish around 22 minutes. Tomorrow there will be no running, but definitely a trip to my favorite gym – Arrillaga!


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