Today I worked out at Arrillaga and ran – the double. I feel pretty dehydrated or something right now so I am drinking plenty of water. First I went to Arrillaga and worked the back muscles. It was a good workout as I hit basically all the exercises I like to do in a relatively short period of time.

After the gym workout, I went to hear that Constitutional Law event, but I was a little disappointed by the poor planning. The allocated room was to capacity so they had people fill an overflow room. The problem was that the projection of the speech from above was incredibly choppy and the feed would fade just when you wanted to hear something. Eventually I just gave up. I didn’t even get the free gift 😦

Later this evening, I went on a 48 minute run including the Oak Creek trail. I felt pretty good here too. The rest of this evening has flown by. I haven’t accomplished much and it’s 11 pm. I’ve got a hefty amount of reading to do so on that note, I’ll see you later…


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