Hangin’ with my sis

Today my sister and her husband came over from Fremont and we had an awesome afternoon. We first took in some sun by walking the Dish loop. The temperature was perfect and the breeze was nice for most of the way (it was a bit blustery on top of the ridge). After the good walk, we drove over to Peets Coffee and enjoyed some loose leaf tea and my sister’s delicious millet bread (homemade from scratch and very healthy :)). Finally, we went to the new Whole Foods on El Camino in Los Altos. It’s a beautiful store and we both purchased a lot of great bulk items. The old Whole Foods in Palo Alto doesn’t even compare! Thanks Talli and David for the good times, as always.

Today I went on a 48 minute run, including the trail by Oak Creek. I felt pretty good. I didn’t get a chance to hit the gym today, but I plan on making it to Arrillaga for a good workout tomorrow. Yesterday I worked back muscles; tomorrow I plan on doing chest and maybe shoulders.

In family news, my cousin from Israel got married yesterday. With school, I could not make the trip to Israel, but my mom said it was a great wedding. Congratulations!!


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