Settling In

My schedule is now basically solidified. The only difference to the courses listed earlier is that I have switched Copyright with Lawyering for Social Change. I went to the first Lawyering for Social Change class and I really enjoyed. Fortunately, I was able to enroll in the capped class. I am also interested in Copyright, but it seemed imprudent to take 4 four intellectual property classes at the same, each with its own final! I’m still taking 16 credits this semester, which is a heavy load, but this means that the rest of my time at Stanford Law will be chill 🙂

On Thursday night, I went to the first bar review of the year and it was pretty good – especially considering the fact I am not a fan of karaoke night. Yesterday there was an organization meeting and faire. There was actually quite a bit of interest for the organization I am resurrecting this year, the Stanford Law and Business Society. Now we have to plan some fun events. Today has been pretty chill so far other than running the dish and working out at the gym. I am getting my stuff together for on-campus interviews which start Monday.

I was happy to see Maria Sharapova win the US Open tennis. I don’t think she is as hot as many people make her out to be (still very good looking), but I pull for her to win.

Exercise roundup:

  • Thursday: Shoulders at Arrillaga.
  • Friday: Chest and Biceps including bench press. 10 reps of 145 pounds was the highest I went.
  • Saturday: 45 minute run including a dish loop and then mainly abs at Arrillaga with some back exercises.

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