More Tamar photos!

What a gorgeous day here in California! Not a cloud in the sky, pleasant temperatures in the low 70’s, and a nice breeze. I have made a nice return to the Arrillaga gym as I have worked out there three days in a row now. Yesterday I exercised my back muscles. Today I worked on chest and pecs with bench, flys, and some other equipment. Yesterday I also went on a 46 minute run. I felt generally crappy on my first run since the fatigue/headache episode of last week. I figure the lactic will dissolve in a few more runs.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. I found out some of these courses have reading due on the first day (yea…right), but with the bookstore closed, I will just have to pick up the text tomorrow. I am not worried, those intro chapters are skimming material and I plan on picking up the books tomorrow morning before my first class at 10 am.

A complicated lottery and waitlist system for many classes and a scheduling issue with some classes on the quarter system starting the week of September 25th make planning very difficult. Thus, I am not positive that my schedule will be the same as it is now. However, my current course list is as follows (heavy on Intellectual Property, I know):

  • Corporations
  • IP: Copyright
  • IP: Trademark
  • IP: Patents (starts September 25th)
  • IP: Strategy for Technology Companies

Here are a few more photos of my new niece, Tamar, from when we visited her last Tuesday. She was only five days old at the time.

What a cute little face!

Father and daughter

Anthon and his daughter.

Take 2

Tamar loves to be held by dad.

Mother and daughter

My sister Karen and her daughter Tamar.


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