Move-in and Forbidden photos

Today I moved in to my apartment in Stanford. My mom helped me move-in, unpack, and purchase items at numerous spots, including Costco and Trader Joe’s, my favs. I am all stocked up and ready to go for at least a couple weeks. I also spent some time configuring my new laptop for the Stanford network and downloading essential software. It’s great to be back on campus – I forgot how beautiful it is here 🙂 Tomorrow the plan is do exercise by making my return to Arrillaga Gym and possibly going on a run.

Check out some more photos from the Forbidden Peak climb:

Sweet! J-berg to Glacier Peak panorama.

Inspiration Glacier

Inspiration Glacier and Eldorado Peak with Mount Baker directly behind Eldorado and Shuksan to the right.

Forbidden Glacier

This is what’s left of the Forbidden Glacier – essentially a few chunks of ice. At this rate of global warming, there will be no ice here in a couple years. So sad 😦

North Ridge

North Ridge of Forbidden with a pair of climbers wrapping up the route (click for enlargement to see them).


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