Del Campo Peak Trip Report

I climbed Forbidden Peak in North Cascades National Park today. I did it solo and I hammered it, ascending ~5,800 ft in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. The climb to the 8,815 foot summit involved some scrambling and easy rock climbing that I free soloed. This was one of my favorite days in the mountains this summer – it waited until the very end! The first reason it was so good has to do with the physical accomplishment. I like to push myself and a mountain like Forbidden is a great way to test your shape. I feel very strong in my cardiovascular conditioning right now; perhaps the strongest I have ever felt. The second reason is the perfect weather which afforded amazing views. Onshore flow pushed the smoke from wildfires in Eastern Washington away from the area and provided some spectacular clarity and deep blue skies. In fact, I haven’t seen the area so haze-free since early July when the fires first started. A trip report for Forbidden will be posted soon and over the coming weeks expect plenty of photos!

In the mean time, as promised, here are the links to trip reports for my climb of Del Campo Peak on Friday August 25, 2006:

It was a great workout in a beautiful area. Check out some pictures:
Del Campo

Self-timer shot on the summit of Del Campo Peak

Gothic Basin Tarn

Beautiful tarn in Gothic Basin with Gothic Peak reflecting.

Foggy Lake

Foggy Lake and Gothic Basin from the summit of Del Campo Peak.


Cool blue wildflowers 


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