Eldorado Ice Cap

More photos from the trip last Friday and Saturday:

Forbidden Close-up

Close-up of Forbidden Peak from Inspiration Glacier

Tepeh Towers

Bjorn on the Inspiration Glacier with the Tepeh Towers and Klawatti Peak in the background.

Tepeh Towers close-up

Tepeh Towers zoomed in

Below Dorado Needle

Me on the McAllister Glacier below Dorado Needle.

I went to the gym today and the focus of the session was the bench-press. I worked up to 10 reps of 145 pounds and felt pretty good. I have not lifted that heavy in a couple months so it was nice to know I can lift a decent amount without consistent benching. I followed the benching with cable cross-overs, some more pec exercises, and then some bicep curls. I did ab exercises throughout the workout. Tomorrow I am going to run somewhere – probably Soaring Eagle because it’s so close and I always get a good workout back there.

There is a bonanza of ripe fruit and berries in our garden! Our little peach tree has produced some ripe peaches. They are small but they pack a very sweet punch. Next year I will try watering the tree during the summer and they will probably grow larger. For now, I am perfectly happy with these mini bursts of peach goodness. In addition, we have quite the apple crop this year and I picked a few dozen today. There are literally thousands of apples, most of which will sadly go to waste. Furthermore, the ripe blackberries are covering the sticker bushes as we are officially in the peak of the season. Lastly, we’ve got some pears. One of the younger pear trees is a variety called “Red Kalle” but the pears are actually purple (I will take a photo and post it if I remember). They hang off the tree like ornaments. I know that you are supposed to pick pears before they are ripe and then ripen them in the garage, but I don’t want to pick them too soon. However, nobody will pick them once I leave for school next week, so I may as well go for it!


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