Dorado Needle & Eldorado TR!

I climbed 8,440 foot Dorado Needle and 8,868 foot Eldorado Peak on Friday and Saturday respectively. The weather was spectacular, the routes were in great shape, the bivy spot was awesome, and it was an all-around great time! The Eldorado Ice Cap area in North Cascades National Park never fails to produce memorable climbs.

I have completed the trip reports so check ’em out!

A few more photos:

Summit of Dorado Needle

Summit shot of me on Dorado Needle with McAllister Glacier and Klawatti Peak in the background.

Dorado Needle

View of Dorado Needle and upper McAllister Glacier from Inspiration-McAllister Pass.

Dorado Needle

Me on the summit of Dorado Needle looking back at Eldorado Peak (climbed the following morning)

View from Eldorado Ice Cap

View from Eldorado Ice Cap in evening light. The prominent summits (from left to right) include Logan, Goode, Buckner, Forbidden, Boston, Sahale, and Torment.

Today I mainly rested in the morning and then went to the gym in the afternoon for some weightlifting. I felt pretty good working back muscles today. My sister came over for awhile in the evening and I picked a bowl full of sweet blackberries for her. The berries are nearing their peak. In addition, we tried a peach from our tree and it was amazingly sweet. Our apple trees are also loaded and I will start to pick some tomorrow. My sister is now almost a week overdue, but her midwife says things are progressing and everything is alright. It is common for the first child to be seven to ten days overdue so no worries yet. Either way, it looks like I am still going to be an uncle sooner rather than later 😉


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