White Chuck Moraine Wildflowers

Yesterday Bjorn and I climbed Dorado Needle on the Eldorado Ice Cap and today we ascended Eldorado Peak for sunrise. These mountains are in North Cascades National Park. This was my third time atop Eldorado Peak but first time for Dorado Needle. Dorado Needle is in a remote part of the ice cap and the final few pitches of rock climbing were exposed and really fun. After climbing Dorado Needle yesterday afternoon we returned to our bivy gear left at the base of the East Ridge of Eldorado. As usual, the views were spectacular in this area and the weather comfortable. The stars last night were absolutely mind boggling and we spent hours gazing at the milky way, satellites, airplanes, and constellations. Expect a trip report, details, and many, many photos over the coming days (and perhaps weeks) 🙂

To keep things interesting here are some great wildflower photos I captured on the Glacier Peak trip. Most are located in the gravel and rocks where the White Chuck Glacier has retreated. I will try to identify these mountain wildflowers at some point. In the mean time, check them out and if you know the name, let me know!

Monkey Flower Close-up




Monkey Flower

Meadow hillside


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