Glacier Peak Trip Report

Check out the trip report for the Glacier Peak climb!

This post marks the beginning of many photos from the Glacier Peak climb completed yesterday.

Summit shot

Summit shot of me on Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak Panorama

Panorama of the North Cascades from the summit of Glacier Peak.

White Pass area sunrise

Sunrise in the White Pass area with Sloan Peak rising above Red Pass.


Colin near the summit with the DaKobed Range beyond.
Today I visited my sister in Maple Valley. She was due to give birth today, but it looks like she will be overdue. I’ll keep you posted in the next few days. Other than that, I shopped at Costco and was happy to see that the pear and apple season is underway as we bought some freshly picked fruit. I just completed a nice walk with my dog around the nieghborhood. It’s been gorgeous around here the past three days, but clouds are due to roll in tonight. However, sunny and warm weather returns Thursday or Friday and is forecasted to continue into next weekend.


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  1. Andrew Froom says:

    WOW, I must have just missed you guys. We summitted on August 17, only a few days after you guys. Good job on sumitting. We left from the base of where the white chuck glacier should have been and sumitted in 7 hrs and 49 mins.

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