Cool and Cloudy Seattle

Another cloudy and cool day in Seattle – the coolest corner of the United States right now! The sun actually broke through the clouds at about 5 pm so the evening was nice. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and Sunday warmer yet before another weather system moves in early next week for more clouds, cool temps, and a chance of rain. It’s ironic that after I finish work for the summer the weather turns generally cool and cloudy. I’m glad I spent some time in the mountains in July and I will definitely squeeze in outings whenever the weather looks promising (after all, I can go any day of the week through the end of August).

I went on another good run at Soaring Eagle Park today for 46 minutes and the new trail running shoes worked well once again so I have increasing confidence in them.

My sister is now days away from the due date for the birth of her first child. It looks like the birth may hold off until later this weekend or early next week. She is officially due Monday, August 14th, but I understand it usually never falls on the “due date.”


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