Trail Running!

I got my first pair of trail running shoes today and I am pumped to use them! I have all kinds of regular running shoes, track spikes, road racers, and cross country flats sitting in my garage from my days running in college, but I have increasingly enjoyed running on trails. To lessen the impact and get more grip, I decided to get a pair of trail runners. They definitely have a tougher build, however, the pair I got is still quite light, so I think it will do fine if I decide to run on the roads occasionally.

I tested them out today in Soaring Eagle Park (formerly Section 36) for a good-paced 46 minute run and they worked well. I felt like I had more grip and I had more solid footing, especially around turns. I am not going to pass final judgment until a few more runs, but I think they are good to go for a long hike(s) this weekend in the mountains.

Since I have not posted a photo in awhile, here is one from beautiful Boston Basin looking at Mount Torment and Forbidden Peak from last week.

Boston Basin

Click for a nice large picture!  

In addition to the run, I also worked out at the gym today. I had a great workout spending most of my time with the dumbbells on a bench. I started with the bench fully upright (military press) and slowly adjusted it downward (incline press). The first part worked mainly the shoulders and as I adjusted downward, I began working more of the chest. I also did some bicep curls and a few other odds and ends.

We got some rain this morning and the air was so nice and clear this evening for the walk with Pepe. It’s supposed to be cloudy through Friday, nice over the weekend, and then more clouds for next week. August is proving to be typical to even a little cooler than normal (still less precipitation than normal though). I kind of expected this after a toasty July.


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