Mountain Photography Highlights

With all kinds of time to spare the past few days, I decided to do some web development and create my initial mountain photography highlights page for the 2006 summer climbing season. Check out the link below!

Mountain Photography Highlights 2006

In case you haven’t seen it already, the link to the 2005 edition is provided:

Mountain Photogrpahy Highlights 2005

I have had some great trips this year, manifested by the nice assortment of photos I have captured already. However, I definitely plan on a few more hikes, scrambles, and climbs in the next three weeks – expect changes and additions! One thing that is missing from the 2006 edition is alpine lake photos so taking care of this is definitely high on my list. I’ve already got a few options for this weekend when the weather turns nice, including a place called “the Enchantments”, Spectacle Lake, and Tuck and Robin Lakes. There is also a short hike to Eunice Lake and Tolmie Lookout near Mount Rainier, but this hike will be done for the sunset photos (a photographer hot spot because of its easy accessibility).

Today I had a good run in Soaring Eagle Park for 46 minutes and we went to Costco and Trader Joe’s to pick up some great food items. Dinner was absolutely delicious because we cooked some wild sockeye salmon that we bought at Costco. It was mouth-watering and so tender. The only thing my mom added to it was some lemon juice and pepper. We also had some superb watermelon (also from Costco) that came from Pasco in Eastern Washington.

Enjoy the highlights page!


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