Lazy summer days

I had a climb planned for today, but it didn’t materialize so I was lazy at home for yet another day. I think it was good I didn’t climb today because I was still in a mental and physical funk from the Torment-Forbidden attempt last Thursday. The past three days I have succumbed to 3 hour naps in the middle of the day. In addition to being groggy, I wake up feeling inadequate for napping around all day. I have had almost zero motivation to do anything meaningful (and therefore I basically did not). I have also been watching news about the Middle East for 3-4 hours a day and the bleak situation over there makes me sad and a little depressed. I should really just limit it to the world news at 6 pm.

Anyway, I finally felt better this afternoon and went to the gym for a workout and felt pretty good. I did mainly pecs and shoulders with some benching. Since I have not been benching consistently, I am down from my peak in May, but I still managed 10 reps of 145 pounds to wrap up the benching for the day. I was lifting 10 reps of 155 pounds at one point a couple months ago. Once I get back in the routine, I look forward to returning to peak form and perhaps exceeding my current marks.

I did take the time today to create my mountain photography highlights page for 2006 using the photos I have taken so far. I definitely plan on adding photos from a couple more hikes/climbs from the remaining few weeks of the summer, but it’s well worth checking out right now.

I also washed my mom’s car this evening and the walls of blackberries on the side of our house are starting to ripen. Those blackberries are so large and tasty – I can’t wait to eat them!

No real plan tomorrow except for maybe a run at Soaring Eagle Park and back weights at the gym.


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