Garden photos

Here are some photos of the garden work that I promised to post the past couple days:

Prunign job

View to the right of the front door. I pruned the two bushes into “umbrellas” and trimmed the lower portion of the arborvitae.
Pruning front

View to the left of the front door. Similar pruning job – a nice clean look that fits well with the brick. 

Arborvitae natural fence

The nice flat top hedge of arborvitae trees that has become a “natural” fence. Our grass is quite yellow because it has been dry and it’s too big to water frequently…

Today: Resting, tv, surfing the web – the gammut of laziness. I did do some shopping at Costco and Trader Joe’s so at least I left the house :p

It’s so nice outside I am going to head out and do some more garden work!


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