Black-tailed visitor


For the second day in a row, I ran at Soaring Eagle Park. However, this time it was for 70 minutes and with my friend Bjorn. It was a great run with awesome trail conditions and refreshing weather. We ran many of the trails in the park. It actually rained a bit more after my post yesterday and the air felt so good. I’m sure the garden appreciated it too!

Deer on our lawn

Deer enjoying our lawn in Sammamish
We had a visitor as well; a black-tailed deer that decided to munch on some of the apples on our trees (don’t worry, we have plenty 🙂 . There have actually been quite a few deer roaming around this year – I saw a couple males with antlers last week.


Deer on our lawn getting ready to munch on some apples.  
I also worked in the garden today for a couple hours and did a complete makeover of the hedges in front of the house. They look awesome and I will post photos tomorrow. After the gardening, my sister, mom, and I went to eat at Thai Ginger, my favorite Thai location. We shared three dishes and it was nice to have the variety. It was also nice to chat with my sister Karen. Her baby is due in a couple weeks and she is doing great.

Deer prancing

Another shot of the deer.  


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