Camano Island

Here are some photos from our property on Camano Island that we visited yesterday. It was a cloudy day, but the view was still beautiful. The 2.5 acres is situated over a bluff with a 180 degree panorama across Saratoga Passage (of Puget Sound) to Whidbey Island. Camano Island is basically all residential and has not changed much over the last ten years, remaining forested and rural. What a nice place to live! The nearest shopping center is in Stanwood, about 10 minutes away on the mainland. They are also building a new Costco about 20 minutes away along I-5, a major plus in my opinion 🙂 The property is about 1.5 hours from Sammamish and maybe a little less from downtown Seattle, but definitely far enough to preclude thoughts about commuting.

Camano View

View down to the bluff and across Saratoga Passage to Whidbey Island.

View south from our property

View south down Saratoga Passage (Puget Sound) from the bluff on our property on Camano Island.

Camano property

View from the grassy bluff to the forested section that covers about 2 acres of the 2.5 acre property.

View northwest

View northwest across Saratoga Passage to Whidbey Island.

Today: A big day of exercise which involved running and lifting weights. I first ran for nearly 53 minutes in Soaring Park. The trails were in great shape with no mud and far less nettles. Afterwards, I went to Klahanie gym to do back weights. The total exercise period exceeded two hours, but I felt good. We have been getting spits of rain this afternoon but not the drenching our grass demands. It has, however, been very cool for statistically one of the warmest weekends of the year, with temperatures only topping out in the mid-60s!


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