More Pugh photos!

Mount Pugh Trip: I forgot to mention that I also saw a black bear on the forest road just before the trailhead. He walked up the road in front of me for over a quarter mile. Check out some more photos from Mount Pugh, with a focus on the wildflowers today:

Gorgeous Wildflower

Gorgeous Wildflower

Sloan and Monte Cristo group

Sloan Peak (left) and Monte Cristo group peaks (right) from Mount Pugh.


Nice mix of wildflower colors.

Purple Flower

Purple Wildflower

Today: After some really good waffles in the morning, I went with my mom to make sure no adverse possession had occurred on our property on Camano Island in the Puget Sound. The property is 2.5 acres and situated on top of a bluff overlooking Puget Sound and Whidbey Island. There is some grass near the bluff, beautiful red madrona trees, and a thick stand of forest on the rest of the 2.5 acres. It turns out that not much has changed on our property in the five years since we have visited. However, a new house is in the later stages of construction right next to us. This house looks very nice and will definitely increase the value of our land. Our strip is now the last undeveloped land of the seven lots on the bluff. I took some pictures and will post tomorrow. On the way back, we stopped at Alderwood Mall to grab some food and shop a little. I got a sweet deal on a couple shirts and bought a new slim case for my laptop at Best Buy.


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