Mount Pugh photos!

Here are some photos that I promised from the Mount Pugh trip yesterday! Also, check out my trip report for the full story.View from Pugh

View to Sloan Peak and Monte Cristo Group from the slopes of Mount Pugh.


Great close-up of a wildflower.

Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak from the summit of 7,224 foot Mount Pugh.

Wildflowers below Stujack Pass

A great display of wildflowers below Stujack Pass on Mount Pugh.

Mount Pugh

Mount Pugh from along the scramble route from Stujack Pass to the summit.

Today was a great day of “relative” rest. You can probably tell I am not a fan of sitting around the house. The morning was spent setting up things on my new laptop. Then I went to workout at Klahanie gym with my mom. We first did shoulders, then triceps, and finally biceps. It was an intense 90 minute workout! I love working out with my mom. She pushes me harder and you can lift so much more when somebody is there to spot and encourage you. Now that my internship is over, I will have more time available to lift with my mom. I am proud to have such a strong mother!

We stopped by Costco to pick up some food. They brought some more watermelon so I am pumped for that after dinner. The weather here is really nice – partly cloudy and temps in the low to mid 70’s. Perfect weather to go on a walk with my dog this evening.

Thanks for checking out the photos and trip report. I hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. tvansunder says:

    Photos are very nice in your blog and the trip report. You did a good job!!

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