Mount Logan: Douglas Glacier

Me on the summit

I climbed the Douglas Glacier on 9,087 foot Mount Logan today. It was an awesome climb with some spectacular views. We did the appraoch yesterday and I climbed the mountain early this morning and then we hiked out. It was a long day and I am happy to be home. My legs are worked and I plan on resting them and the rest of my body tomorrow.

The photo above is a self-timed image since I was the only one on the summit. I soloed the route because my partner had some heat related problems from the previous day. This is part of the reason we went directly to the mountain as opposed to taking a circuitious but scenic traverse which would have taken an extra day and caused me to return home on Sunday.

I think the photo turned out pretty good. Don’t expect too many more pictures of myself, but you should definitely look forward to some stunning scenery shots…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    you should have taken the scenic route but otherwise that picture scene looks awesome.

  2. zotasansai says:

    I liked Mont Logan but having hiked up Mt Fuji, I can honesty say it was heavenly experience. The view from the summit of Mt Fuji looks awesome too

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