North Face photos

Today was a great day at work. I’ve only got 5 days left, so it will be sad to leave, but I think I’ve earned some time to relax and be lazy! After work, I went to Klahanie Fitness to lift weights. I felt out-of-sync for the first part because my muscles were still tired from the climb, but by the end I was feeling great (Zipfizz does a great job 🙂  I did some relatively light benching, cable cross-overs, abs, and an assortment of other machines for a little over an hour. Now it’s time to go on a walk with Pepe, the speedy Chihuahua!

Today’s photos are all from the actual climb of the North Face of Shuksan. Photos later this week will feature the descent and other views.

Ready to go!

Just about ready to depart our bivy spot at just after 5 am in the morning, 7/16/2006.

Bergshrund on lower glacier

A bergschrund (wide and large crevasse that separates the glacier from snow slopes above) spanned the entire lower glacier.

Jesse Ascending the 'schrund

Jesse ascending the ‘schrund with two tools.

Upper NF Glacier

Upper North Face Glacier Hanging over the rock cliffs.

Jesse climbing the north face

Jesse climbing up to the upper part of the North Face of Shuksan.

Upper Glacier on the North Face

The upper North Face Glacier on Shuksan.


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