A few more Goode photos

Sunrise alpenglow on Mount Logan

Sunrise alpenglow on the Mount Logan massif.

Bivy below Goode Glacier

Our bivy site below the Goode Glacier. With a clear forecast, this is all the gear we brought.

South Face of Goode

South Face of Goode and the Southwest Couloir descent route.

Accessing the Goode Glacier

Accessing the Goode Glacier.

Today was another normal day at work with another fun baby shower with good treats, including a very rich chocolate cake and some tasty chocolate chip cookies. I worked out at Klahanie gym after work, focusing mainly on dumbbells for shoulders, slowly moving the bench down to shift more towards pecs. I also did cable cross-overs and flys. It was good to get back in the gym and I plan on going tomorrow as well to do some back weights.

I get to wake up extra early tomorrow (6 am) for a conference call at work scheduled for 7:30 am! However, this also means that I get to leave early in the afternoon 🙂


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