More Goode!

Goode Sunrise

Sunrise alpenglow on the upper north face of Mount Goode; July 2, 2006

Goode Glacier and Mount Logan

Glacial ice on the Goode Glacier and Mount Logan in the distance; July 2, 2006

Summit View

The view from the summit of 9,206 foot Mount Goode looking northwest. From left to right: Sahale, Boston, Buckner, Forbidden, Eldorado, Baker.

The weather in Seattle took a huge drop the past couple days. First, on Tuesday morning, some thunderstorms moved through that were completely unpredicted. Today, a thick marine layer of clouds marched in with some drizzle at times and temperatures hanging around 60 degrees all day. The wind coming off the sound in Seattle made it feel downright chilly! The long range forecast is for above average precipitation and below average temperatures for the next couple weeks. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting this after the recent warm streak. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend for some outdoor plans.

In other news, I returned to work today after a 4 day hiatus. The office went out to a Mariners baseball game this evening, but I still feel awfully tired from the climb and the commute home from the game would be quite inconvenient so I didn’t go. I am currently relaxing at home and will hopefully get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow I’m back at work and I will hopefully go to Klahanie to lift some weights in the evening.


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