Mount Goode: Northeast Buttress

I climbed the Northeast Buttress of 9,200 foot Mount Goode in North Cascades National Park with Blake Herrington this weekend. I hiked the final 15 miles back to the car this morning and now I am back home. Here is a shot of me on the summit.

Summit of Mount Goode

This climb was absolutely amazing with perfect weather and an awesome partner. The Northeast Buttress of Mount Goode is a classic route – and for good reason. The climb involves everything from long trail hiking, stream crossings, slide alder, glacier travel, and a 2,700 foot rock climbing wall with mostly solid rock that never gets too hard (remember, I am not a great rock climber). The mountain is one of the more difficult to access peaks in the national park and the vertical relief is staggering from valley floor to the summit. The photo below is of me rock climbing up the buttress with the valley floor nearly 6,000 feet below!!

Rock climbing the Northeast Buttress of Mount Goode

I will write in detail tomorrow about the trip and I will keep posting photos all week!


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