Last day of June


Wow, June went by fast. Unfortunately, that means my summer is also going by fast. However, I think I am situated pretty good for some great fun in the next two months. My hard work at the FTC internship the past month and a half has resulted in 28 days of work so far. I need about 40 but I am aiming for about 42 and perhaps more if I feel like it. I am set up to finish the required hours by the end of July. To be honest, though, I wouldn’t mind dropping by and doing some work on the days I am not climbing (i.e.: the rainy days 🙂 The FTC is such a cool place to work, I couldn’t ask for a better internship this summer!

The weather out here in Seattle remains spectacular with highs around 80 and overnight temps comfortable for sleeping. It’s an amazing feat for Western Washington to finish out June with such nice weather and have it last until Independence Day. This will surely not last the summer. In fact, there are already signs of a cooling and slightly more moist pattern setting up by the end of next week, just after the 4th of July. There will mostly likely be some cloudy days, maybe some rain, temps around 70, and then I expect another “typical” end of July, late August dry and warm streak to set up. People don’t realize that summers in the Pacific Northwest are relatively dry and comfortably warm, unlike the hot and humid eastern United States. It’s just the drizzly rain from October through early June that gives Seattle its reputation, and for the most part, it’s true 😉


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