Beautiful Day


The natural air conditioner (aka Pacific Ocean) kicked into gear today moderating our temperatures from 90 degrees yesterday to a comfortable 80 degrees today. A refreshing breeze has been blowing all day precluding sweating and hopefully making for a good night of sleep. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to drop another 5 to 10 degrees, but rebound to around 80 for the weekend (which I think is perfect). The nice streak is forecasted to last right through the Fourth of July.

Another good day at work with phone interviews regarding a merger review case and more working on a privacy case that I have been doing for the past couple weeks.

Klahanie: Returned to the gym today and felt ok. The climb has definitely left my muscles slightly tired even though it has been three days. I did bench relatively lightly and moved through everything with higher reps and less weight. I still think I got a good workout.

Well, now it’s time to go on a walk with Pepe and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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