A few more

Here are a few more photos from the Rainier trip:

Alpenglow on Rainier

The photo above is of Andrew ascending the glacier as the sun rises creating alpenglow on the Emmons Glacier (click on pics for larger versions). The image below is of Little Tahoma peak at sunrise. Notice the large group of climbers at the top of Disappointment Cleaver near the center of the photo.

Little Tahoma at Sunrise
Today was a good Monday at the FTC with some interesting work and conference calls. There was also a baby shower with great treats, including apple pie, cup cakes, and brownies – they were all very tasty!

Yesterday I watched a fantastic program on Dateline NBC about the climber from Australia, Lincoln Hall, who was rescued atop Mount Everest a few weeks ago. After being left for dead (the sherpas spent nine hours trying to coax him to descend and were becoming weak themselves so they were forced to leave him) and spending the night in frigid temperatures with no oxygen, he miraculously woke up 19 hours later when American climbing guide from Olympia, Washington, Daniel Mizur, approached from below. Dan and his two clients abandoned their dream of reaching the summit and instead stayed with Lincoln and helped him off the mountain as a rescue effort was triggered from below. Their effort saved his life and it was fascinating to see the interviews of Daniel Mizur and Lincoln Hall.

It’s hot here in Seattle. 90 degrees today, a record high as predicted. Fortunately, the marine breeze trickles in tomorrow with forecasted highs 5 degrees colder and another 10 degrees cooling expected 10 on Wednesday.


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