Marymoor Rock


Today was the summer solstice. It's almost 10 pm here in Sammamish and still plenty of light outside. Summer is just getting started in Western Washington with warm temps and bluebird days forecasted for this weekend. The mountains will finally be free of the persistant marine layer so it should be fun! 

I met up with my friend Andrew after work at the pinnacle in Marymoor park to climb a little and practice prusik and crevasse rescue skills. There are actually two pinnacles with enough routes and climbing problems to keep one busy for weeks. One face climb used to be really difficult for me, and I still hesitated a little today, but I made it up much faster than last time I climbed at Marymoor (about three years ago). I also tried out some new rock shoes I acquired last year (I got them for a great deal). They were tight (as should be) and worked well on the rock. It was a fun time on a beautiful afternoon with clear skies and comfortable temps in the low 70's.

Work was also fun today as usual – every day I learn something new! A walk with Pepe rounded out the evening and I am tired as usual right now so good night! Tomorrow I will hit the gym for a little workout after work and then mow the lawn.


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