Miami Heat!


Miami Heat emerged victorious today in Dallas! I wanted Miami to win really bad. While I definitely noted there team cohesiveness and potential in my blog starting with the New Jersey series, I doubted them after dropping the first two in Dallas. Their unprecedented comeback, winning four games in a row, is a great outcome.
Pat Riley is definitely one of the greatest coaches ever and Dwayne Wade is simply amazing. He is so unselfish and humble. He calmly carried the team the last four games and made the shots and places when it counted most. I am happy for Shaq too. He finally got to win a championship where he doesn't have to argue all season with cocky, argumentative player. And lets not forget Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, and Antoine Walker.

Today was also a solid day for me. Work was really fun. I am working on initial disclosures, interrogatories, and document requests for a case. It's so sweet to get so involved with a case and take a stab at learning and doing this important work. Also, there were some delicious cookies at the staff meeting today. I had chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter! Definitely my cookie ration for the week 🙂
Klahanie: I hit the gym after work for a great back workout today – I felt solid. Tomorrow I am planing on taking off from work a little early to rock climb at Marymoor with Andrew and refresh prusiking.


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