Bench Press WR!!

My mom has done it again! Defying the aging process, she continues to improve her benching world record and raise the "bar" for the competition and herself. My mom lifted 203.7 pounds today, the first time she had officially lifted over the 200 pound barrier (in practice she has done over 220). She broke her own world record in the 54-60 year old masters age group in the 105-114 weight class (she weighed in at 113.8 pounds). She is also a record holder for the 47-53 age group from which she graduated last November. Congratulations to my mom for another stellar performance!!

Nothing I did today was nearly as interesting. The day consisted of watching soccer on tv, yard work, and a sweet run at Soaring Eagle Park.

As promised here are some pictures of the yard work:

Rounded bushes

This one is a picture of three bushes I pruned into a rounded shape along the lawn. The photo below is of a bush that had overtaken the walkway (see the discoloration on the brick pathway for a feel of how far the bush had advanced). In order to make the walkway accessible to people again, I had to cut it back significantly. However, I think it looks good.

Prune back from walkway
I should have taken before and after shots, but at least you can see it looks nice after 🙂


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  1. Talli says:

    Looks Good!

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