It’s Friday!!! However, I am probably not going to do anything fun because I am tired. Therefore, I will probably be sound asleep by 11 pm (after Seinfeld that is 🙂 

Today was another good day on the job with interesting legal work and opportunities to learn new things. The bus this afternoon was 30 minutes late, so by the time I got back to the park and ride I was just tired and didn’t want to do anything this evening. In fact, I haven’t really done anything this evening but eat and watch tv. Tomorrow could be a good opportunity to work in the garden for a little bit, hit the gym, etc. 

I plan on heading to the hills Sunday, it is supposed to be a decent weather day. Even better, all of next week is forecasted to be nice so it could be time to use up one of those “bonus” days I have built up at the internship by working five-day weeks.

My mom is competing in a bench press competition in Olympia tomorrow morning so good luck to her! 


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