Another typical day…

Work was good today as usual; the meet-and-greet with attorneys was fun. I cam home and made some tasty tofu and then I went on a walk around the neighborhood with my mom and Pepe. My little chihuahua moves his legs so fast – he pushes the pace the entire way! After the walk, I pruned back a hedge that had overgrown a walkway. There are many shrubs and plants that need to be pruned, cut, and otherwise maintained. The garden is 15 years old so the hedges are quite large making for an arduous task. Photos of the work are forthcoming.

NBA: The Miami Heat survived today, escaping with a win in game 3. I am sure Pat Riley will not be pleased with the performance. They still must win game 4. Since the NBA finals format is 2-3-4, Miami basically has to win games 4 and 5 to even stand a chance of taking the championship. If somehow they rattle off three in a row, they will have to win one of the final two games in Dallas. 


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