View from Eldorado Peak

The Cascade Crest

This photo is from a trip last July to the Eldorado Ice Cap in North Cascades National Park. The rugged ridge with rock and snow ribs above Moraine Lake connects Mount Torment and Forbidden Peak and is known as the Torment-Forbidden Traverse. The route features over a mile of knife-edge ridge walking that is super aesthetic and wonderfully scenic. I climbed Forbidden Peak last year and it looked sweet.

Another great day at work. I really enjoy the case I am working on right now. The last two interns started today making for a total of five. Tomorrow there will be a meet-and-greet with attorneys and interns. There will be tea and treats so it should be fun.

Klahanie: I hit the gym today after work and did bench and other chest exercises including flys and cable cross-overs. It was a pretty good workout for being tired most of the day. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will try and run some trails outside. I would like to return to Soaring Eagle Park, but it rained today, generating more mud to enlarge the existing puddles.

Sports: The Miami Heat and especially Shaq looked pitiful yesterday. They need to find some game pretty soon or they will get swept. In soccer, the United States took it from the Czech team in the World Cup, losing 0-3. Next up is Italy, an equally challenging opponent.


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