I was tired!


I got a reasonable amount of sleep last night – probably around 8 hours – but that was not enough for me. I proceeded to fall asleep again around noon and sleep till 3 pm. This tells me I am probably not getting enough sleep during the week. Oh well, there is no getting out of the early wake-up! 

Before my afternoon nap, I watched some tennis and world cup soccer action. The Argentina-Ivory Coast game was interesting with lots of attacking and some sweet goals. 

Klahanie gym: I had a great workout with my mom today. We went from exercise to exercise and really got a lot done in about 70 minutes. I lift substantially more when I workout with my mom and she always shows me new exercises that work my muscles in different ways. She has a bench press competition next weekend in Olympia, so hopefully her own record will fall! 

After the haircut, I got a haircut and we bought some food at Trader Joe's. A nice sunset capped the evening. Tomorrow I plan on a hike whenever I wake up. The weather is shaky again and I am too chicken to take risks on driving a couple hours somewhere to find crappy weather. Instead I have taken a vow to climb on the next decent weather day, even if it means taking the day off work (don't worry, I can work 4 days a week 🙂 


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