It was another beautiful late Spring day with temps in the mid 70's and a gorgeous sunset happening right now. I had a great day at work too.

The only downer for the day was my grade for Antitrust which was surprising in a very disappointing kind of way. The sad part is that I thought antitrust was my best test. I did everything I could to study for it and honestly, I knew (and continue to know) that material inside and out. I am convinced that either the grading job was shoddy or the grading system itself is critically flawed. There are very few times in life where you try really hard and instead of getting rewarded for your hard work, you get shot down hard. I wouldn't mind it if I had been lazy all semester and partied every weekend, but I didn't. I kept up with everything, studied the hardest I could, and felt good after taking the test. There is nothing I can look at from this experience and say "I know what I did wrong and next time I know what to do to fix it." All I can take away from this is "next time I just won't study as much and I will probably get the same grade." In essense, the incentives to work hard are negative. Oh well, I guess there are always going to be barriers, people, and events that try and take me down. Hopefully one day I'll laugh at that exam and the grading job.

On a higher note, I had a good workout at Klahanie today working back muscles. My quads are still trying to de-knot. Hopefully the healing process will be complete in time for the weekend. Nothing really planned for tomorrow except work and maybe a trip to Costco which is always fun.


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