Nice day


Fuji AppleA very comfortable day in the Seattle area – about 70 degrees and partly cloudy. Tomorrow is supposed to be a tad warmer with some more sunshine. I was planning on climbing a mountain tomorrow to take advantage of the nice weather, but my sore legs are not cooperating. My muscles feel better, but not to the point of attempting a climb with 6,000 feet of elevation gain, varied terrain, route-finding, etc. Hopefully those quad muscles will bounce back soon. Instead, I will go to work and have fun there. If the weather holds through Wednesday, maybe something then…

I went on a walk with Pepe again today. He is a really strong walker for his size. We probably cover a couple miles winding through every road in the neighborhood. It was also cool to meet up with a friend from school who is interning here for the summer. The photo today is of a Fuji apple, one of my favorite varieties. I am a big fan of apples in general. In fact, I am preparing to consume a sweet and crisp Fuji right now! 


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