Sore Sunday

Wow, I sure woke up soar today from yesterday's speed race up Mount Si. My quads especially hurt from all that downhill on the way back. The result of this discomfort gave me an excuse to be lazy for the better part of the day. I did watch the movie "Alive" on the history channel and subsequent documentary about what really happened. They were both really interesting.

After being lazy for a little longer, I went to work out at Klahanie Gym. I intended on getting a haircut beforehand, but the wait was too long for me. I am glad I didn't wait because the gym closes at 6 pm on Sunday and I barely had enough time to do a proper workout (I had a little over an hour, which is the minimum). Anyway, it was actually a good workout because I did not use any part of my legs. I benched, building up to 10 reps of 155 like last time. I did cable cross-overs and some bicep work too. Tomorrow, I will work the back muscles after work.

Now I am chilling at home making some tofu for dinner. Later, I'll go on a walk with Pepe, his third day in a row. He is so fast and is constantly pushing the pace. He used to be averse to walks, but now eagerly marches along the entire way.


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