Ferry TerminalIt's the end of the work week and I am tired… However, it was a really good day at work. We got new flat screen monitors in the intern room which definitely improve the computer usage experience. The Henry M. Jackson Federal Building in Seattle is pretty cool too. The office is perched right above the ferry terminal on the 28th floor. It is sweet to watch weather come in and the ferries operating below. In this photo I found on the web, the Federal Building is the one on the right that is closest to the shore. The views of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, and Mount Rainier are fantastic.

NBA: Pistons eliminated from the playoffs as Shaq Diesel and D-Wade take a trip to the finals. They will probably face the Mavs in which case I hope they win. I like Shaq now that he is not a Laker and D-Wade is just plain awesome. Also, I like Gary Payton because he was a long-time Seattle Sonic. Finally, Pat Riley is the smoothest coach in the league. So, in sum, I am happy the Heat are in the finals. I am praying that the Suns will find a way to stop Dirk and win at home to at least give them a chance to win the series, but it's very tough to beat this Dallas team once, let alone twice in a row (and in Dallas for game 7 where every ref call goes for Dallas).

In other news, I took a walk around the neighborhood in my new boots and they felt comfortable. Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow other than sleeping. Have a good night because I know I will!


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