Sunset over Lake Sammamish

Sunset over Lake Sammamish
Originally uploaded by lpantilat.

Check out this beautiful sunset shot from the balcony at my house that I took on May 29th. The color was fantastic, both in the sky and on Lake Sammamish! Rule of thumb: the best sunset shots occur when there are clouds. I saw this one coming over a half hour before this shot was taken.

Today was another good day at work. I even got a fun history lesson about the commission over lunch hour. The clouds increased throughout the day and the rain has arrived as expected this evening.

Klahanie: I had a surprisingly good workout after work today. I built up to 10 reps of 155 pounds on the bench. That is excellent for me and it did not feel incredibly heavy either. I must have derived the energy from those great protein-packed steaks yesterday! Today I ate lots of wild Alaskan Copper River Salmon we got at Costco, so plenty of protein again (It was very tasty too). Tomorrow I plan on doing some back weights and possibly a short run.


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