The sun came out!


Pepe resting in the sunA bright ball of fire was seen in the sky today along with a colossal mound of rock and ice that towered over Lake Washington (and everything else). Yes, the sun and Mount Rainier were in full view today. Unfortunately, it happened on a Tuesday after a soggy three day holiday weekend. Any sunny day is a good day for my dog Pepe. He really enjoyed the sun all day long! This clear streak is short lived, however; the forecast calls for increasing clouds tomorrow and rain by the evening. 

Work today was cool. I hit up Costco afterwards and ate some great steaks for dinner. A day off from the gym today. Tomorrow I will hit up Klahanie after work.

NBA: Raja Bell returned to the line-up and the Suns were victorious. Meanwhile, the Heat have a real chance to close out the Pistons in Detroit. They are playing really well right now and it doesn't seem like the Pistons have the answer this year.   


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