BaronToday I visited my sister Karen and Anthon's house in Maple Valley. We had some bbq chicken and celebrated Anthon's birthday with a nice carrot cake. It was a fun time.

Karen and Anthon have a new member of the family, Baron – a purebred German Shepherd. When I say purebred, I mean official papers with lineage dating back a hundred years. His parents came on a plane from Germany. Baron was born on March 23rd in a litter of six and is jet black. Right now, he looks like a black bear cub or a furball 🙂 Baron is already 20 pounds and will grow to 100+ pounds. They just got him on Friday so he was a bit shy.

In other news, my mom received a "Bravo!" award from Overlake Hospital for her work as the nurse in charge of the floor. She has accumulated many of these over the nearly 25 years of service at Overlake. CONGRATULATIONS!! She got a gift certificate to Whole Foods. Speaking of Whole Foods, there is a new one opening about 7 minutes away at the end of East Lake Sammamish Road. It will be nice to stock up on some bulk items when it opens up.

It rained most the day today again (it was supposed to be sunny in the afternoon??). The rain finally stopped this evening and tomorrow promises to be better. I was lazy for most the day watching french open tennis on tv, but went to work out before heading to Karen's.

Klahanie: I worked back muscles today and I felt pretty good. I then ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes to get the blood running through my legs again. Due to the heavy rains (and snows in the mountains) the past week, I will either delay the conditioning climb until next week or hike a local foothill. Neither mud nor post-holing (stepping through unconsolidated snow) sounds appealing to me. My plans really depend on when the sun emerges tomorrow but whatever I do will not take longer than a few hours.


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