Metro Bus System

King County Metro and Sound Transit have improved in a big way. A few years ago, it was a drag to ride the bus from Sammamish to Seattle. Now, there are two express routes that run from the plateau to Seattle. The buses only come during rush hour time periods, but it works perfectly for me. I get dropped off two blocks from work and picked up right in front of the building!

The transit system is going through a major update and the changes are already apparent. They built a new park and ride in Sammamish and a garage park and ride at Issaquah Highlands. They are also building a garage at Mercer Island and redoing the transit tunnel in Seattle.

New Hybrid Electric Metro Buses

The best part is the update of the buses themselves. Since 2004, Metro has been implementing 235 new hybrid electric buses into the system (pictured above, photo by Ned Ahrens). These buses are sweet; the ride is smoother and the seating is comfortable. The environmental benefits are bountiful: they use much less fuel, reduce chemical gas output, and there is none of that disgusting exhaust that smothers people waiting at the bus stops. See this link on the Metro Transit Website for the details. So far, I give Metro two thumbs up on the bus system.

Public transit is becoming a real alternative for many people. With expensive parking in Seattle, pricey gas, and traffic, more people are turning to the transit system. In fact, the buses are mostly full and many people who work downtown ride the bus. Seattle is definitely setting the benchmark for environmentally conscious transit systems.

In other news, I had another good day at work. I went out to lunch with some attorneys to a Cajun restaurant and had Chicken Jambalaya that was quite tasty. After work, I hit Klahanie gym for some back weights and then came home for dinner. I can't believe it, I already have to start getting ready for bed! I do have a nice three day weekend coming – plenty of time to relax, so no complaints.


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  1. I like your new header picture. Your blog is looking nice!!

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