Klahanie is my gym for the summer. All year long you have been hearing about Arrillaga this and Arrillaga that, but unfortunately, Arrillaga is at Stanford and I am in Sammamish for the summer. As much as I love Arrillaga with all my heart, I must learn to live without its new equipment and stellar set-up. Instead, I will be working out (hopefully consistently) at Klahanie Fitness on the Sammamish Plateau. Klahanie Fitness is a bit tighter (in a cramped way) and the equipment is older, but weights are weights and they have basically all the machines and free weights I need. Their cardio is also pretty good, but I hope to be doing most of the active exercise via running outdoors. The one plus factor is that there are tv's at Klahanie fitness so I can watch basketball games and other sports while working out.

Today was my first day working out at Klahanie since starting work. It's a little rough exercising after a long day on the job starting at 6:15 am, but once I started lifting I felt better. I focused on chest today, doing bench, flyes, cable cross-overs, and some other things. Not as much time as I would like in the gym, but it's better than nothing. I also have a three day weekend every week so there will be plenty of time on those days. Tomorrow I will do back muscles.

NBA: great game today with Phoenix coming from behind to take game 1 of the western conference finals.


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  1. Hey Leor, I am reading daily your blog. Nice to know what you do everyday!! Saw your comment on mine. Thanks. Glad to hear that work is going well!!

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