Day two update

Day two at the internship was fun. I think I am getting used to the early wake-up; I didn't have a headache today. I also went to sleep a little earlier and got up 15 minutes later because I brought breakfast with me. The bus situation is pretty smooth. I get picked up right in front of the office building and get dropped off only two blocks away.

NBA: I am happy the Phoenix Suns pulled it out yesterday. I am a big fan of Steve Nash and I have really come to like the rest of the Suns' players, especially Leandro Barbosa and Boris Diaw (I like them all really). It is going to be a good Western Conference Finals between the Mavs and the Suns. The Miami Heat looked really good today and stole home court advantage from a Detroit Pistons team that is probably tired after just wrapping up a tough seven game series with Cleveland.

Tomorrow I am going to head to the gym after work. I got a three month pass so I got to use it! This means I need to go to bed even earlier.


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