First day on the job

Bright and early wake up at 6 am. I made the 6:43 bus and I was in Seattle by 7:25. The first day was fun. Lots of reading to get aquainted with the case I will be working on. I didn't get enough sleep last night and I paid for it in a big way with a headache all day. I just can't operate with under 8 hours of sleep (and especially under 7 hours). I guess that is my weakness. I know a diet coke or something caffeinated would help, but I hate drinking those beverages. Tomorrow will be another early one. I gotta hit the sack.

NBA: Some great game 7's. The defending champs lost in overtime after they should have won in regulation. It could be Dallas' year for the finals – they have so much depth. Now the Suns are playing against the L.A. Clippers and there is plenty of great offense.


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