I am now a 2L


First year of law school at Stanford is now complete! Yesterday, I took my last exam – Property law. It was a four hour exam from 8:30 to 12:30. I did my best and I think I did well. I know I studied hard and had a good comprehension of the material.

After the exam, I met my mom at my studio and we went to the end-of-the-year bbq at the law school. It was nice to say goodbye to friends for the summer. Afterwards, we walked back to my apartment and packed out. I dislike moving – it always ends up being a drag – but with my mom, it wasn't too bad. We packed everything into the car and left the room cleaner than when I arrived last August.

We drove to Fremont across the bay to my sister's house. David prepared a great stir fry dinner and Talli baked a delicious Harmony Cake as we celebrated my birthday in earnest. Once again, thanks to Talli and David for being such wonderful hosts.

I blew out the candles as my family sang happy birthday. It felt great to be done with finals and celebrate with my mom, my sister Talli, and David. I am so lucky to have such great family to surround and support me – thank you so much!Dinner

After dinner, David helped me switch my blog over to WordPress. There are way more features here and I like it so far. I was happy that we were able to transfer all my posts from Blogger.

We just finished a nice dessert and tea get-together featuring my sisters great healthy and organic cornbread, exquisite tea, and other tasty snacks. I'm about to head to the airport now for our flight to Seattle. It will be great to rest tomorrow. I am looking forward to starting my internship bright and early Monday morning at the FTC in Seattle.


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