One more to go!


Antitrust is complete! I took the exam this morning. I did my best and I felt good about the exam. Studying for property this evening was rough through. My head was already drained and a lot of the material is not the most interesting in the world. That test will probably be the most challenging of any I have taken in law school so far (judged by previous exams I have looked at). I studied hard for it all week and once again, I will try my best. Either way, I will be relieved when it is over at 12:30 tomorrow.

Otherwise, I found some time to hit Arrillaga for the last time before summer this evening. I came through with some benching, cable-cross overs, and a few other things. It was nice to let the brain muscle take a break for an hour.

I am really excited to see my mom tomorrow right after the exam. We got quite a bit of work to do to pack out of my apartment, but compared to the property exam, it will be a pleasure! Then, we head over to my sister Talli and David’s tomorrow evening which should a great time too.


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